About Kensie


Kensie is the founder and Executive Director of Free To Be Ministries, creator of the Youtube channel “Talk Bible To Me”, and is an online college student at Moody Bible Institute, working towards a Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies.

She’s been married to Alex for eight years, and is a stay at home mama to their two little boys - Zach and Ben. Being a stay at home mom has never come “natural” to Kensie, especially due to her almost thirty-year battle against chronic depression and anxiety, but she values the gift of watching her kids grown and learn and play.


Coming from a background of drug use, partying, and arrest, Kensie connects deeply with those who feel shame and guilt because of their past. She boldly declares the truth, freedom, and identity found only in Jesus Christ through her writing and speaking in hopes to free women from insecurities, expand their understanding of God and His Word, and encourage faith-based living.

Being a 7w8 on the Enneagram, Kensie exuberates passion and excitement about God and the life He has given her. She’s a woman who says no God-given dream is too big and encourages others to run after theirs with their whole heart. Aside from her responsibilities in and out of the home, Kensie loves to shop, drink Dunkin’ iced coffee black, nerd out on theology books, listen shamelessly to tru crime podcasts, and dance like no ones watching to loud electronic dance music (Fun fact: She DJs a podcast called “Truth Beats Radio”!).