Near Death Experience

danger-851895_960_720.jpg Have you ever had a near death experience? I have. But not the kind you're thinking of. This isn't the kind of near death experience where you're lying in a hospital bed on a ventilator or in a bad car accident and the semi truck came THIS close to ending your life. I'm talking about the kind of near death experience that involves your soul. The kind where you look back and go "woah, I almost lost myself there".

Alex (my husband) and I are so lucky to be where we are in life. God stopped us dead in our tracks, picked us up, and turned us around in the right direction. He loved us enough to not let things get to "the point of no return". He taught us what it means to truly love someone even when they do not deserve it. He taught us what the real meaning of mercy and grace is. He has shown us the amazing blessings that come from a completely REDEEMED life. A life that lives for Christ 100%. A life that never looks back and only looks forward to the future. I couldn't be more blessed and thankful for the life he has given us. We definitely do not deserve any of it, but what an amazing God to give it to us anyways.

You know, come to think of it I didn't have a "near death" experience. I had a death experience and a NEW LIFE experience. My old life is dead. My new life is alive and THRIVING. The joy of the Lord runs through my veins and completely energizes me day after day. I wouldn't chose it any other way.

Thank God (literally) we were caught and arrested 2 years ago and saved from what could've been a (even more) disastrous ending. What seemed like a horrific and terrifying situation turned out to be the biggest blessing we could have asked for.

All this to say find joy and happiness in the little things, the crappy days, the amazing adventures, the thunderstorms, and the love surrounding you. You never know what he's got cooked up for you in the future. Today may look cloudy, but maybe God is holding back a hail storm that you can't see. Keep on keepin' on and trust that he LOVES and CARES for you. He ALWAYS has a plan, even when it feels like he doesn't.

Hoping for happy days for you all today. Much love.