A Good Friday Indeed

cross-918459_960_720.jpg What would you do if someone told you that you could be free? I mean, as Americans we are technically "free", but are we TRULY and FULLY free? Free of self doubt? Free of guilt? Free of loneliness? Free of fear?

I think most of us are really good at acting free. We post our best selfie with some quote about how we are living life to the fullest, only to set the phone down and question whether anyone is going to think we look good. We walk around the grocery store acting like we've got it all together when, in reality, our family is falling apart. We go to bed fearing we won't be able to pay the bills if we don't nail this interview tomorrow. We sit around a group of our friends bragging about our goals and how we will reach them; and then, the very next morning, we doubt that we'll ever make it. Is that really FREEDOM?

I know a lot of people out there think religion is "cute". It's for others, but not for you, right? But what if I told you that you don't have to be stuffy or hypocritical or strict or conservative or judgmental to belong to God and be TRULY FREE? What if you could BE YOURSELF and nothing more? God created us just as we are, in his image. He LOVES us SO MUCH that he sent his son - did you get that part? ... his SON - to die FOR YOU and me and your friend and your sister and well, you get it. I can't even imagine letting Zach die for anyone let alone some stranger! It baffles my mind that a God so mighty and powerful would do something so SELFLESS just to give me the chance at a life filled with freedom. How vast does his love for us have to be???

Today, on Good Friday, I'm reflecting on all of this and imaging that very dark night when Jesus died. I image thunder and lightning and rain and wind and tears and cries. But, right before he died he said something pretty cool that would change our world forever. "It is finished." He ended it all. The fear. The self doubt. The worry. The guilt. We can have true freedom, through him, if we just unclasp our tight grip and let it all go. Let God carry your load, like he so wants, and instead of being burdened you will be: loved... saved... redeemed... forgiven... made new... FREE. Be free with me.