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Confronting "The Hurters" In Our Lives

We've all heard a thousand times that healthy relationships "talk it out" because confronting the people who hurt us keeps us from bottling up our emotions inside. Even in Christian circles, we hear that confronting "the hurters" keeps those poisonous roots from growing in our hearts. So confronting in love must be Biblical, right?

A recent situation caused me to question these "truths"…

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Simon the Leper: The Art of Losing

Many of us have heard this story multiple times. We've been taught the importance of pouring our 'riches' out to God, that God's forgiveness changes everything, and not to judge like the Pharisees did.

While I agree with all three of these lessons, I'm wondering about someone in this story that isn't mentioned very often - Simon the Leper…

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Why Weakness Isn't a Sin


It's the number one arrow the enemy shoots at me. It's the number one trap he sets out and somehow I am always stumbling back into it.

Like quicksand, it pulls me in slowly. Inch by inch I get sucked down, a little closer to being buried alive. I know death is imminent, but I can't seem to get out. If only I could just break free…

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