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Iron Table Gatherings are dinner discussion parties intended to connect women from all different belief backgrounds in order to break down the barriers of misunderstanding and judgement. These events are not oriented toward any one world view, but are interested in drawing out and respectfully listening to all points of view in hopes of decreasing narrow-mindedness and facilitating compassion, unity, understanding, and respect. Just like iron sharpens iron, we can sharpen each other by listening to others’ and sharing our own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.


What Iron Table Gatherings ARE:
-A safe and non-judgmental environment for your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs on different subjects to be heard.
-A way for you to broaden your knowledge and understanding of other's thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
-An opportunity to switch out Facebook for face to face interaction.
-A place to meet new friends and enjoy yummy food!

What Iron Table Gatherings are NOT:
-A platform for you to preach and convince others of your world view.
-A Bible study.
-An event for the judgmental, narrow-minded, dogmatic types.
-A place to criticize and tell others they are wrong.
-Somewhere to go to complain about food.


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