Kensie grew up in a Christian home, going to church and Sunday school almost every week, and yet, despite her parents’ attempts, she never really read her Bible until she was twenty-three years old.

Once she finally picked it up, she was captivated by wonder and awe, realizing how God’s Word truly is alive and active. Not only that, but she also found it to be fun and exciting to read!

Since then, Kensie has had a deep-seeded desire to spread that wonder and awe and excitement about God’s Word to others. She hopes to encourage Christians to actually read their Bibles as she soundly educates them on topics often not discussed or mis-interpreted within the Christian community.

That is why Talk Bible To Me was created - to dig deeper than coffee cup verses and make the Bible understandable and exciting for all. To find out more and check out some of her videos, head over to the Talk Bible To Me Youtube channel or watch an episode below!